Welcome to Essential C#

Written by Mark Michaelis with Eric Lippert & Kevin Bost

Welcome to one of the most venerable and trusted franchises you could dream of in the world of C# books—and probably far beyond!
From the Foreword by Mads Torgersen
C# Lead Designer, Microsoft

The Comprehensive, Expert Guide to C# Language Programming

Essential C# is a well-organized, no-fluff guide to C# for programmers at all levels of experience. Reflecting the most important C# features from 3.0 through 8.0 and including modern programming patterns, it will help you write code that’s simple, powerful, robust, secure, and maintainable. World-class C# expert Mark Michaelis presents a complete tutorial and reference for the entire language, including expert coverage of key C# enhancements, C#’s use with .NET Core/.NET Standard, and cross-platform compilation. He illustrates key C# constructs with succinct examples, and presents best-practice coding guidelines.

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